Textile Washing

Washing is the professional cleaning of various textile products, including clothing, linens, and fabric-based items after manufacturing. It is a crucial step in making textile products safe and suitable for use or sale. These products wouldn’t be ideal for health or everyday use without proper post-production washing or finishing. At Moonlight, we have the required machinery to get your textile products washed thoroughly before delivering them to you.

How To Wash Fabrics After Dyeing?

Deciding how to wash a product depends on a few key factors, like the product type, how you want it to look and feel, how well it can handle the washing process, and the kind of fabric it’s made from. The process of washing textile products involves multiple steps that can be challenging and require a good deal of experience.

Fabric Washing Method

Washing off is also an essential step in making sure the colours in your fabric don’t fade and that the final product doesn’t get stained. To do this, we need to get rid of any leftover or changed colour that hasn’t properly stuck to the fabric.

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Benefits Of An Efficient Fabric Washing Process

A successful washing-off process is vital because it helps maintain the colour’s durability and prevents any unwanted staining in the final product. To achieve this, it’s important to use the right cleaning agent based on factors like the type of water, the dyes used, the design printed, the fabric, and the machinery used.

Moonlight Fabric Washing Service

We employ advanced equipment and techniques to efficiently remove residual or hydrolysed dyestuffs. Our ability to customise the process according to specific factors such as water quality, dye types, print design, fabric material, and machinery sets us apart, guaranteeing optimal results. This approach not only improves colour fastness, keeping your fabrics vibrant after repeated washes but also minimises the risk of staining, making sure the end product remains free from unwanted colour transfer. Our team of experts brings valuable knowledge and experience to this crucial step in textile production.